I am a record producer, engineer, sound artist, composer and deep listener.

My ethos is simply to embrace expression. This approach leads me to work in a wide variety of musical and sonic contexts, from which I have learned many techniques and skills that I gratefully offer.

If you’d like help with your project get in touch.


I am Precise, Creative, Experienced, Intelligent, Loyal, Clear, Dynamic, Sharp, Flexible, Affordable, Friendly, Passionate, Wise, Willing, Available.


I embrace both digital and analog technology and have an in-depth, expansive understanding of both.

I offer analog summing with a 1984 vintage Midas TR04 32 x 8 x 8 mixing console which I personally and very carefully restored and now maintain.


My Aim is to connect strongly with your vision to then support and catalyze an evolution from creative potential to manifest actual.