As a guitarist, audio engineer, sound designer and composer, primarily using Sound, Space and Time as his mediums, there is a certain mystique around Matt’s musicality.
Born in Aotearoa New Zealand, he studied classical guitar as a teenager. In 2022, Matt was initiated into The New York Guitar Circle by his teacher Robert Fripp. He remains however, largely an autodidact.

Matt embraces technology in his work and has built many of the analogue and digital tools that are instrumental in crafting his compositions. He creates cinematic, expansive sound journeys that envelope an audience. When performing, his aim is to lead the group consciousness in search of the miraculous. Increasingly, he has been exploring multichannel performance systems, most notably quadraphonic, which greatly enhance the immersive dimensions of his compositions.
Matt also collaborates with others to produce immersive Virtual Reality and other new media experiences. For example, Gondwana (2020) recently screened at the South Australia Museum as part of the Adelaide Festival, and Jamais Vu (2023) which is currently showing at the Beijing Film Festival.