Minor Arcana – 8 of Wands

Planetary Ruler : Mercury

Zodiacal Correspondence: 1st Decan of Saggitarius

Sephiroth : Hod

Keys : Direct Communication | Uniting towards a common Aim | Momentum


Energy, Creativity, Hunger

Sephirot of Hod

Majesty, Splendour.

“The pictoral representation of this card shows the Light-wands turned into electrical rays, sustaining or even constituting Matter by their vibrational energy” (Book of Thoth, p193)

8 Wands, stream through the atmosphere at high velocity. Together they have entered a slipstream, powered by there sense of unity and oneness, collective action and alignment.

There is a very real power that is unleashed when we unite to achieve a common aim. Here the Wands are exploded into an uncontained, limitless space, reaching stratospheric heights. Energy streams from their individual and collective movement, amplifying the sense of propulsion. It is far easier to maintain velocity then it is to generate it, and this ease is splendidly expressed in the momentous flight of the 8 Wands.

How has this velocity been conjured ? It is through the communication of an ideal, and an agreement, both at the individual and collective level. A willingness to conspire. This implies two things. One – that our participation is not arbitrary. Two. That underpinning this collective dance is a deep sense of trust, again individually and collectively. The trust is grounded in the equanimity that emerges from a feeling of community – that we have each others back, and that we are working towards our mutual and benefit. The shared understanding is the compass needle – with this set, we enter the slipstream and forcefully drive together towards our Aim.

We can read the 8 Wands as pieces of an organism. There is an unlocking here, in the seeing of the fractal nature of wholeness . Wholeness is within and without – in the movement of my neurons as I think, my fingers as I type, my body as I breathe, consider and express this very idea. My place in my family. In my community. Like the atmosphere the Wands rapidly propel through, there is a limitless to our ability to touch and engage our experience of togetherness. So…how to maintain this ?