Minor Arcana – 5 of Disks

Planetary Ruler : Mercury

Zodiacal Correspondence: Taurus

Sephiroth : Gerburah

  • Keys : Destabilization | Misdirection | Revaluation

5 disks, brittle and broken are chained together. This is the shadow of abundance, or plentifulness. The disks are bound to one another and restricted – in stasis. The the disks have atrophied due to the rigidity of their bind.

Disks are of the material realm. Most obviously, they can represent money. However, we can also them as a representation of any physical resources we are privileged with.

The 5 of disks is a challenging point of seeing indeed. The image reveals to us the consequences of mismanaged, misdirected or mistreated resources. But, amoungst the heaviness and prohibited movement due to the chains There is an invitation to recallibrate, to revalue our resources and how we are implementing them in order to execute our strategy, in service of our aim/s.

Abundance asks us to not only appreciate value, but also to activate that which we value. If this relationship is not established and maintained, then resources – literally a source of creative potential – simply atrophy and decay, as do we, under the load of dormant mass. When we are truly sentient this becomes increasingly painful as we consider others who may have a real need for the resources which we let go to waste, or are unable to see or honour.

The recallibration we are invited into here is unlocked with the power of gift. Giving is expressed as the freedom to share…